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Holistic Therapies

Ear candling
This is a very gentle and relaxing treatment. The “Candle” is placed carefully in the opening of the ear and lit. As it burns it will produce local heat which is wonderfully relaxing. Once treatment time ends and the candle is removed, the treatment is repeated on the other ear. This is then followed by a wonderful facial massage, with sinus drainage, shoulders and neck. Only the very best Biosun candles are used.
£40 for 40 minutes


Combination therapies
Mini facial 25 minutes and 25 minutes reflexology - £60
25 minutes back massage followed by 25 minutes reflexology - £60
Holistic facial 55 minutes followed by 25 minutes reflexology - £70


Indian Head Massage
This seated Ayurvedic therapy treats upper back and arms, shoulders, neck, face & scalp. Helping to release tension causing headaches, eye strain and sinus problems. £40 for 40 minutes


An oriental foot therapy. Gentle pressure points massage is used to decongest, relieve tension and re-balance the body, leaving the mind in state of total relaxation.
£50 for 55 minutes
£35 for 25 minutes


Foot Soother
A treat for your feet, with a soothing exfoliating scrub and finishing with a foot and lower leg massage
£30 for 25 minutes


Sinus drainage
A wonderful massage for the face, this treatment combines the use of decongesting essential oils with pressure point techniques and drainage massage to help relieve pain and congestion. £30 for 25 minutes

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